Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cat Disaster.

This is what I had to spend the past 20 minutes working on. Although Augustus is the one in the picture watching me save the skein of yarn, Othello (the usual suspect) was actually the destroyer. I've gotten all the yarn wound back up into a ball from the other end, so now I need to wind the ball in the opposite direction and then back into a cake.

Luckily Othello only had probably about five minutes to work on this. Once, when he (or both, not sure) had several hours of unsupervised fun with a skein of yarn, it took at least four hours to undo the mess.

New goal: Sew some project bags and never take the knitting out of them unless I'm actually knitting.


  1. Oh no :( Four hours...ack!!
    Project bags definitely help!! I have one for each project. I actually just tweeted a picture of one of our cats sleeping on my box bag, but I would rather have a squished bag than tangled yarn!!