Friday, July 22, 2011

My Finished Tank Top and Engagement Photos.

I got my engagement photos back yesterday from my friend Amanda Michael, and I am so excited about them! I wore my Make Up Your Mind tank from this summer's Knitty for a few of them.

If you're familiar with the pattern, you might notice that I added a band of double crochet on the bottom. I ended up making this a bit too short and wanted some more length. Actually, after wearing it once I might go back and crochet even more onto it. I prefer my tops to be a bit longer.


I really enjoyed the pattern and would highly recommend it. You definitely would have to wear something under it like another tank top, or wear it over a swimsuit at the beach.
Not related to anything crafty, but Amanda took these great photos of the cats. I keep laughing at this one of Augustus:

Othello ran into one of his hiding spots, so Amanda took photos of him in there.

I ended up not getting a whole lot accomplished yesterday, and I didn't even touch my knitting. I hope to be more productive today.

And because I can, here's some more random engagement photos: