Monday, January 7, 2013

The Dyer's Notebook - Episode 16

Episode 16 - So Many Questions

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Week in Review
Christmas, Christmas sale, New Year’s

V-Yoke Cardigan – blocking, needs buttons
Honey Cowl

Gnomespun Manx Loaghtan – Sand to Sea

Stash Enhancement
MadTosh Sale – Pashmina, ShiBui Linen
Signature needles

What I’ve been dyeing this week – Orochimaru, Green, bright green

Ask A Dyer
Debcquilts - What steps need to be taken to ensure colorfastness? I’ve had some very bad experiences with hand dyed yarns I’ve bought that bled and ruined my projects. I can always overdye these, so when I say ruin it’s with an eye towards doing something to fix it. But it is ruined when I intend it to be a certain colorway and it ends up needing to be quite another.
When I dye my own, I’d like to ensure this doesn’t happen, or when I use other’s hand dyed, is there something I can do to either set the dye further (vinegar?) or release the dye molecules (synthropol)? BEFORE I use it or spend hours or months knitting something?

TheDrollEclectic - Do you have any thoughts about whether I should overdye the yarn before knitting or overdye the finished garment? I have a sweater-quantity of Patons Classic Merino in Bottle Green (#00220). I thought giving it a dip in some black would give it some depth of color and be more appealing.
Overdyeing the yarn could lead to some pooling while knitting if the darker or lighter areas stack up, but dyeing the garment would probably lead to larger areas of pooling. I’m sure it is a matter of deciding which effect I want. It is a scary thought to dye something AFTER knitting it! I still won’t know exactly how the sweater will look even if I dye before knitting, so I guess there is a bit of a gamble either way.
I will test a sample skein first to make sure the yarn will accept the dye.

Knittygirl - Ugh, how do you re-skein yarn after dyeing self striping. I am using a niddy noddy but I have the feeling I will run into trouble!

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