Monday, August 13, 2012

Yarnography: Product Photography Then and Now.

A rookie mistake a lot of people make when they start selling their products online is poor photography, and Gynx Yarns was no exception. I was looking through my old photo folders from when I first started selling my yarn, and I was amazed by how awful the photos were! It's no wonder I wasn't really selling anything.

It was interesting (and amusing) to see how much my product photography has improved, so I thought others might be interested (in laughing at me) as well. The old photos were taken on a point-and-shoot that was a few years old, and the new photos are all with my DSLR I got at the end of last year.

Old photos on the left, new on the right.

This is Bamboo Forest. The color is so far off in the first photo!

This is Fullmetal. This is reskeined differently than the original, so that's why the color proportions look different, but the original is so dark!

This last comparison is Sakura. Same problems as the first two.

My photos could still be improved, and I've been trying to dedicate a little bit of each day to photography and learning how to use my DSLR properly. I also invested in a tripod and use the timer so that the camera is completely still when the photo is taken. If you have any product photography tips, I'd love to hear them!