Monday, July 25, 2011

Knitting Tragedies.

Today started off badly.

Why? I finished a sock. Wait, what? If you finished a sock, that's a good thing, right? Normally, I'd be very happy. Nothing is better than taking something off the needles and trying it on, or rather, nothing's better when it fits.

Yes, I knitted my sock too small. The Absinthe pattern on Knitty has two sizes, small and large. I by no means have large feet, I wear a 7 and have normal (maybe even a bit narrrow) width feet, so I thought the small would work. Besides, I had seen some people on Ravelry who had knitted the small for themselves and raved about the fit.

While I was knitting this (toe-up) I tried it on a few times, and it fit perfectly in the foot. I stopped trying it on though, and it stops fitting at the heel/gusset area and doesn't get any better at the cuff. I tried for a good five minutes to get the sock on before I admitted defeat.

This was my first time that I've knitted a sock that didn't fit. All I can do now is take a day to cool off about it and start over. And of course post this picture so I can still admire how lovely I think it is.