Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sushi, Sushi, Sushi!

I go through sushi phases. Every now and then I get into these moods where all I want to eat is sushi. I think about sushi, look at pictures of sushi, and eventually make sushi.

Just to get this out of the way.... I posted on Twitter the other night that I was going to make vegan sushi, which resulted in some questions about how you can make sushi vegan. Well, in case you didn't know, "sushi" does not mean raw fish. "Sushi" refers to vinegared rice, and doesn't have to have meat in it at all.

I haven't made homemade sushi in a while. My friend's sister taught her how to make sushi recently, which came up in conversation a few times. There were also Facebook pictures of said homemade sushi. I became envious. Why did I not have homemade sushi?

So, I decided to make sushi. I went to the store and gathered some carrots and cucumber. I also picked up some chopsticks "for special guests," just in case we ever have special guests over (okay, we used them ourselves). I didn't get sushi rice or nori sheets because I already had them.

Or so I thought. As I started the preparations for sushi, it was discovered that I was indeed out of nori. We had pizza that night.

Then last night, after the ingredients were actually gathered together, I made sushi. I made too much, and Jose and I could not finish it all. It is a shame that sushi does not store well at all.

Today, I made sushi again, because my sushi craving was still there. This time, I decided to be fancy and make one of my rolls an inside-out roll.

I am no sushi master, but I complied some links that could be helpful if you're interested in making your own sushi.

Video of the authors of Veganomicon making sushi
Some vegan sushi recipes
Steps for rolling sushi
Vegan Black Metal Chef makes asparagus tempura sushi (has profanity)