Wednesday, December 28, 2011

FO: Elm Socks.

I only crafted one Christmas present this year, which is a huge difference from the past several years where I made almost every gift. I actually wasn't going to have any handmade Christmas gifts this year, but my Mom's birthday socks took longer than expected and got pushed back a week to Christmas.

My mom is allergic to wool, cashmere, basically anything that comes off an animal. I've knit her several things out of cotton or synthetics, but when I decided to make socks, the hunt for yarn was a bit trickier. I made a pair of 100% cotton socks before I really understood fibers, and they weren't the biggest success.I also wanted a variegated or semi-solid yarn, which narrowed down my choices even more.

I went to JenningStreet Yarns in Fort Worth and told them what I was looking for, and there was one option they had for me: Kertzer's On Your Toes Bamboo, which is 75% bamboo, 25% nylon and super soft. I picked a skein of blues and tans for my mom, and then I decided to get a skein for me in shades of red because I couldn't help myself.

Project Details:

Ravelry Project Page: Link
Pattern: Elm by Cookie A
Yarn: S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo
Needles: 1 US - 2.25 mm

Thoughts on Pattern:

I found the Elm pattern by Cookie A in the newish Knitter's Book of Socks by Clara Parkes and thought it was pretty, so I cast on. All of the ribbing made for a very tiny cuff, but I trusted the pattern and kept going. It ended up being a challenge to put on and take off, but once on, the sock fits wonderfully. If I had used the recommended yarn, it probably would have been an easier sock to put on. I suspect that after my mom wears them a few times, they will be easier to put on.

Thoughts on Yarn:

This was my first time using bamboo, and at first I really hated it. It was incredibly soft, but it kept splitting like crazy. I didn't have the problem a lot of people seem to where it slides off the needles, and I was using metal. Once I was almost finished with the first sock, I was accustomed to the yarn and didn't have any more problems. Hopefully whenever I get around to using the skein I bought for myself, it will go better.

*Thanks to my mom for modeling her socks!*