Sunday, October 7, 2012

Holla Knits KAL - Week 7; Vitamin D KAL - Week 3?

This week's KAL post ended up being a couple of days late because I had some pressing things to post on the blog on Friday about the future of Gynx Yarns, and then yesterday was distracted by the sudden drop in temperature and an uncontrollable need for pizza and hot chocolate (not together). Today, however, I'm writing this in the early morning before my husband gets up before I can get distracted again.

 Colors are a bit off this week on this one... sorry.

The tank is now completely seamed! This now means the tank can be tried on, and it seems to fit really well. All that is left is the neckline (which I may have done yesterday), the armholes, and the bottom band. Next week there will be a finished object post!

The Vitamin D cardigan is moving right along. I've put the sleeve stitches on holders and am working on the body of the cardigan. If you're familiar with the pattern, I'm right before the short rows. I'm adding 10 rows before the start of the short rows to lengthen the cardi and lower the top points.

This cold front seems to be nation-wide, so if you've seen a drop in the weather, I hope you're enjoying it! It's in the 50s today, and I'm enjoying wearing some handknit socks.