Thursday, May 24, 2012

Interweave Knits Summer 2012 Review.

I'm a bit late to the game on this magazine, but I just got my hands on it earlier this week. Interweave Knits isn't a magazine I normally want to rush out and buy. It seems to be geared to an older audience than me and I don't typically find things that suit my taste, or they downright confuse me as to why anyone would wear them. This issue wasn't void of it's patterns that made me say "whaaaaaa???"

This time though, I was drawn in to the photo on the cover and decided to get it. Even if there was only one other pattern in the magazine I liked, the $6.99 price was comparable to what I'd pay online for one shawl pattern.

The pattern I'll start with is the cover pattern, the Summer Blooms Shawl by Susanna Ic. I love how light and airy this shawl is, and how beautiful it looks wrapped around the model's shoulders. I don't think I'd wear a shawl in the Texas summer, but this would definitely be welcome in warm weather over a tank.

The other pattern that made this magazine worth it for me is the Coquette Vest by Adrienne Larsen. What I like about this pattern is how it was designed to "define a strong hourglass shape." I can't pull off the many tank patterns out there with zero shaping, and the lace pattern on this pattern is very pretty. It's done in lace weight, so even though it's a layering piece, it won't add a lot of thickness. If I knit this, I'd narrow the shoulders and make this more a tank than a vest, but that would probably be my only modification.

Sigh, yet another cardigan pattern in a summer issue. I know, I know, some of you have cool evenings and such, so I shouldn't complain. Regardless though, I really do like this pattern (Bethany Wrap by Amy Miller) and I think it would look good belted at the waist.

Speaking of unseasonable patterns... Although if I had to wear fingerless gloves in the summer, I think these Pianissimo Mitts by Becky Herrick would be a good candidate. Maybe for people who work in cold offices or for a cool summer night (what is that, by the way?). They are very pretty though, and I'll probably knit them up some time soon for myself or a gift. They're knit in lace weight on size 1 US needles, so they probably wouldn't provide a whole lot of warmth. If you're looking for some "summer" gloves to keep your digits warm, look no further than...

Okay seriously, what? These are not tissue-thin lace gloves you'd see on the Downton Abbey ladies while they drink tea in the garden. These are gloves you wear when your hands are cold. I'll let you have your summer cardigans and lacy fingerless mitts, but I draw the line here. These are not summer gloves. No offense to the pattern, which is Ingrid's Gloves by Veronica Webb, because they're cute gloves. In fact, I'd wear them. In January. Not June.

Other features in the magazine include a several-page guide to knitting needles, breaking them down into type of material and type of needle, and a guide to stretches for keeping your hands and neck healthy as a knitter. The magazine is always hit or miss with me, so for the most part, I'd have to say this is one of my favorite issues of Interweave Knits in a while, even with the not-summer summer patterns.