Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gynx Yarns Picks: Hitchhiker.

I enjoyed picking out yarns I'd use from the Gynx Yarns stash for the Color Affection Shawl so much that I've decided to make it a regular feature around here. This week, I decided to choose which yarns I'd use for the Hitchhiker pattern by Martina Behm. I've already blogged about this pattern here, where I showed the one I knit out of some yarn from this year's Fiber Fest.

The first colorway that popped into my head was Spirited Away #2. What's really great about the Hitchhiker pattern is that the garter stitch helps break up all the colors, and variegated colorways look great in it. This would be a bit of a bright/bold choice, but it would be such a fun piece.

 Changing Foliage would be a very fall-ish choice.

The jewel tones in Jewel Box would make a very luxurious-looking Hitchhiker.

Which colorway would you choose? Or would you pick a completely different colorway from the Gynx Yarns collection?