Friday, July 8, 2011

My Finished Side Table!

Remember this thrift store table I got for $10?

You might remember that I started painting it and I posted this progress picture:

Well, here it is today!

I went over my purple paint job with a dark stain unevenly, and wiped off most of it almost immediately. It gave it this cool texture and variety in colors that I really love.

It still looks old, but now it looks cool-old instead of lame-old. I'm still very new to redoing furniture, but the basic steps I took were as follows:

  • Took off the door, hinges, and handles.
  • Filled major holes/cracks with wood filler.
  • Sanded to get the shiny layer off the laminate.
  • Primed.
  • Painted two layers of paint.
  • Applied stain.
  • Applied polyacryclic.
I'm so happy with this! I ended up leaving the handles as-is. I think it goes with the paint job. I had considered painting them either with a metallic paint so they would look new, or paint them black. I can still go back and do that later, but I love how it looks against the dark purple!