Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun With Spinning Wheels.

I don't own a spinning wheel yet (just a couple of drop spindles), but I am planning on acquiring one sometime in the near future. Having never spun on one before and not really knowing what I wanted in a wheel, some of my knitting group friends offered to let me test drive theirs.

I can't remember the first wheel I tried. I've asked my friend probably five times now what the wheel was, but I keep on forgetting. Regardless, this was Corriedale that she let me play with, and is the very first yarn I have spun on a wheel. It's so tiny and adorable that I'll probably display this wee skein somewhere in my studio.

Another friend let me use her Ladybug, and gave me a braid of BFL that she had dyed but wasn't in love with. I don't think BFL is my favorite fiber to spin; it was pretty sticky. I'm in love with my results though, and my friend was surprised at how the colors ended up looking once spun up. Once plied, I ended up with 180 yards and probably about a worsted weight on average. I'm not sure what to do with it. My default is cowl, but I'm kind of thinking a hat. Any suggestions?