Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Updates From Every End of the Spectrum.

Hello all, I meant to update earlier, but there has been a lot going on with work, wedding, doctor appointments and friends visiting the area from college.

In my crafting world, I finished spinning and plying my Polwarth fiber I got at this past Fiber Fest from Stone and String Studio. I absolutely loved the colors, and I had never spun Polwarth before (although I haven't spun much of anything to be honest...), so I was very excited to try it out. I still need to wash it and figure out how many yards I have, but I still wanted to show it off!

Don't give me a hard time if my spinning doesn't look great! Even though I've been spinning a year now, I haven't dedicated much time to it.

My Absinthe socks (or, singular sock at the moment) are coming along great.

Isn't the madelinetosh yarn great? This is the tosh sock yarn in Golden Hickory I got at Fiber Fest. It's my first time knitting with madelinetosh, and I can already tell I'll have to go back for more. The colorways are so drool-worthy.

In business world, I got my first shipment of organic merino wool in the mail the other day, and I dyed some of it today. I'm so excited about it and I can't wait to post pictures!

Yesterday was Augustus's first birthday.

Doesn't he look so happy to be celebrating with Jose?