Thursday, July 28, 2011

Organic Yarn.

I've never done a shop update on here before, but I've added a new line of yarn that I'd like to share.

If you're familiar with my shop, you know that I unravel thrift store sweaters, skein them up and dye them. The process is exhausting and time-consuming, but I love it all the same. That being said, it was taking me way too long to get anything done. As a way to combat that, I decided to add a line of organic wool to my shop.

Why organic wool? Well, one of the main reasons I like recycling yarn is because 1. I'm not supporting the cruel practices towards sheep at many big wool companies (this is not the place to get into that, but if you're interested you can Google it) and 2. I'm being more environmentally friendly. I can accomplish both of those with organic yarn. When a yarn is called organic, it refers to every stage of the fiber process, from when it is on the animal to when it is being processed when it's off the animal. The animals aren't put through pesticide dips, and it also refers to the chemicals used when cleaning and processing the wool.

This yarn that I have been dyeing is so incredibly soft. It's 100% organic merino wool, and right now all I have is in sock weight. Each skein has enough yardage to make one average pair of adult socks. I have several more colors coming, so if you're interested in organic yarn be sure to check back. You can also join my email list by sending an email to and get notices about new products, sales, and discount codes.

I should be back tomorrow or the next day with a review of my book I've been reading!