Monday, August 15, 2011


I heard about the website Pinterest maybe a month or two ago, and signed up even though I didn't really even know what it was. All I knew was that there were a lot of creative types on there that were in love with it (yeah, I was a follower...). Anyway, I signed up for it and then didn't look at it again until recently.

Basically, Pinterest lets you bookmark pictures on websites and share your bookmarks with others. For example, someone who loves food could bookmark a picture on a food blog of a cupcake, and someone who follows them can click on that link and see the original blog post. Or, someone might have a board of things they find on Etsy that they like, and that person's followers can see it too.

I bookmark pages all the time, but sometimes I forget what things are and don't even bother clicking on it. Now, I can bookmark things and see them visually. Lately, I've been looking at a lot of design blogs. Now, I've started bookmarking pictures I'm in love with so I can go back and look at them later.

For example, this picture I found on Design Sponge today: