Thursday, August 18, 2011

Progress and a Topic for Discussion.

I don't have anything to show today, but I thought I'd quickly update on some progress.

Desk: I've been procrastinating on this, but it is basically done. All it needs is new hardware for the drawers, and then I'll have a picture.

Knitting: I started a pair of socks for Jose and I started the heel of the first one today (it's worked top-down). That is my only project currently on the needles.

I wasn't even going to have a blog post today because I didn't know what to talk about, but then I saw this blog post by Lex of Smarmy Clothes on her tutorial/blog website What The Craft about the prices of handmade goods: Link

I really loved this post, because a lot of buyers (and sellers, for that matter) don't understand the value of handmade and why it is priced the way it is. I've had many discussions with people who say that handmade is "so expensive" and that those people must be rich selling things at the prices they do. I won't regurgitate what the post says, so I'll leave you to go read.