Monday, April 25, 2016

The Dyer's Notebook - Episode 156

Episode 156 - Small Sweater



Viewer Questions:

"A couple of immersion dyeing questions for you.
With the acid dyes that you use, do you find the colour deepens the longer you leave it in the dye bath? And, if so, do you find it a significant difference? And do your mixed colours change shades the longer they sit in the dye?
I use food safe dyes (food colouring, Kool Aid and Easter egg dye tablets), and I know with those dyes, the reds strike faster than the blues, so longer dye times can really impact the final colours."
"Photographing question. Now that I’ve learned some of the methods to dyeing thanks to your tutorials, can you please tell us how you photograph the finished product? Should it be in natural light, under bright lights, hiding under a sheet (yes tried that)? My pictures are not showing the true colors and its blowing it out, over saturating?"

Wildes Meer by Voolenvine
Gynx Yarns Glitz Sock "Lucky"
Lapsang by Clare Devine
Another Crafty Girl Merino Bulky "Gamut
Anders by Sorren Kerr
Gynx Yarns Smooth Sport "Pumpkin Patch" and "Fog"
Stash Enhancement
Nomadic Yarns

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