Monday, June 9, 2014

The Dyer's Notebook - Episode 84

Episode 84 - Time For An Adventure

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  1. With my husband being a comic book artist, we go to a lot of comic cons in our area (Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, etc) and I love watching the cosplayers and seeing all of the work that goes into some of the costumes. And I am sorry you got sick. Up here it is called "Con Crud" and about a third of the time, one or both of us come down with something afterwards. We've been lucky so far this year and I am hoping the luck continues with the others we have coming up (Derby Con is at the end of June and it is our next con).

    I am super excited about joining the DAL this summer. I have an image picked out for my dream vacation spot and I know the end product and the yarn I want to use, so can't wait to get started next weekend on it. Thanks for putting this on!