Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Dyer's Notebook - Episode 26

Episode 26 - The Episode That Almost Didn't Happen

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Highland Handmades/Fiberista Files interview last week

Lowry Pullover
Hinagiku Hat
SeeD Socks
Al-Ciel Sweater

Highland Handmades SW BFL - DONE!
Unwind Yarn Company Merino

Dyeing/Ask A Dyer
Debcquilts - So….how the heck does yarn absorb more dye than it can hang on to? And what am I to do with a pitch black unstable yarn besides throw it away?
But…more importantly, I will challenge an assumption I learned somewhere….is the dye really set when the color of the water in immersion dyeing is clear?

Lorrieu - The other question is when taking notes what is your ‘format’? Seems when I take notes on something……in the end it is not something I would care to repeat and on the days I don’t take notes………darn I should have. I will admit I am not a note taker type so formats are the key for me and I never know where to start.
How do you hook up or connect with people, places or shops that you do wholesale with? How do you approach them? How does that type of pricing work?

CecileinIndiana - When you were talking about your SeeD Socks, you mentioned your new colorway, SeeD and the fact that you dyed the yarn so it would pool. The science behind pooling is a bit confusing to me: I know what pooling is (at least I think: it’s when the colors on the yarn will form blocks in your knitting and, when sometimes it can be a nice surprise, it can also be very frustrating…), but I can’t tell, by looking at a skein in a store on on a computer screen, if a yarn will be “just” variegated, with nice spreading of the colors overall, or will pool like crazy. I’m guessing it will always depend on your gauge and your number of stitches per row… I never thought there was a way to know and it was random luck (or unluck!).

Here is my question: How do you predict if a yarn will pool? You, as a dyer, how do you proceed to obtain pooling and non-pooling colorways?

Sign-ups through March 31, assignments go out April 1, DAL ends April 30.
Prizes so far: skein of Gynx Yarns, Voolenvine stitch markers, BCYarnings fiber
Budget ideas
Color ideas

Shop Update
DFW Fiber Fest – April 5 - 7

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