Monday, January 28, 2013

The Dyer's Notebook - Episode 19

Episode 19 - Dye Space

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Week in Review

Lollipop Yarn - get interview questions in now!

Red Barn Hat – Done!
Jose’s Sweater
Lowry Pullover

Baby Southdown from MyLittleSheep – first bobbin done

 Where I dye

Ask A Dyer
Nellmight - In one of your podcasts you briefly mentioned colour breaking. I have read a little bit about it, mainly concerning food dyes - especially black food dye, and the results i’ve seen were pretty muddy. So my questions: is colour breaking common/problematic in acid dyeing also? In your dyeing, do you ‘break’ colours on purpose? If you don’t like the colour breaking, are there things you can do to prevent dyes from breaking?

Amber-gabrielle - What would you say is the most halfass lazy approach to dying possible? Strictly for hobby and not for anything pro looking… more just to mess around without being worried about acheiving any specific type of results or making mistakes! :O

Shop Update
DFW Fiber Fest – April 5 - 7
Final Fantasy VII Club
Update on January 29 at 1 pm CST.

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