Monday, November 5, 2012

The Dyer's Notebook - Episode 7

Episode 7: Epic Self-Striping Tutorial of Doom

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Week in Review

Self-Striping Tutorial

Ask A Dyer
sablee – “I recently bought gray merino roving and want to dye it another color. Any suggestions as what color dye I should use to over dye.”

woolleyblue – “I would like to hear about other tools that you haven’t yet mentioned such as what you use to skein/reskein, etc. I’m not sure how you go about getting the yarn in a cone and putting it into a long (?) skein to dye it then reskein it. Is that correct? thanks!”

Shop Update
Studio Ghlibi Club sign-ups November 1 – November 18

This week’s update: Tuesday, November 6 at 1 pm Central

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  1. Laura- you are so darned smart! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial - this was excellent. (my arms will never be in good enough shape to handle all that wrapping!!!)

    1. Haha you can do it! If people several decades my senior can wind warps for weaving, then I figure I can't complain that much.

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