Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stephen West.

 Forgive my cell phone pictures. I actually had my Nikon with me, but ended up not taking it out.

This past Saturday, I took a top-down shawl class with Stephen West at MadTosh.

It was a ton of fun! We all knit a little swatch with a few different increase techniques in the first half of the class. The second half, Stephen talked about his design process and all sorts of ways to approach designing and shaping a shawl.

He brought a ton of his designs for us to ooh and ahh over. We were able to try them on, and even got to see some unreleased designs. I'll tell you now, there is a pattern that will be in Book 5 that I must knit. I saw it on the hanger and honestly thought it was going to be really unflattering, but I loved it on.

After the class, there was a reception where we all socialized, took pictures, and had patterns/books signed.

I of course wore my Spectra. I bought the Vulpix pattern while I was in the shop so I'd have something for Stephen to sign, but I think next up on my needles is going to have to be Clockwork. There were a lot of Clockworks at the class, and it made me really want one. I'm already playing with color ideas.


  1. That class was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed classmates too. Great sitting across from you. It was an awesome afternoon. I could not stay for the reception, but know it was fun as well.

    Ruby (Rav:MzCruse)

  2. Dontcha just lurve it when you go to a fiber event and your Ravelry queue explodes with all the things you see there that you want to make now?