Saturday, October 13, 2012

FO: Holla Back Tank.

It's done! I didn't think the bottom band would ever end, but it's done!

I love how this turned out! I was worried that it was going to be too short because I have a long torso, so I added 6 stitches to the bottom band and I think it's the perfect length. The tank also blocks out a lot, which gave me some length as well.

Pattern: Holla Back Tank by Emma Welford
Yarn: Gynx Sock in the Piccolo colorway (2 skeins)
Needle: US 5
Ravelry Project Page: Link
Mods: Cast on 20 stitches instead of 14 for the bottom band.


  1. Wow- it came out beautifully! I love how the lace works with the variegated yarn. This should be my motivation to finish my tank, too.

  2. Gorgeous. Congrats, looks great on and the yarn color is beautiful.

  3. So pretty and so Laura-ie! Love <3