Friday, September 21, 2012

Holla Knits KAL - Week 5 ; Vitamin D KAL - Week 1

It looks like Fridays will continue to be KAL days here on the blog for the foreseeable future, even after the Holla Knits KAL wraps up. I'm now involved in two KALs and a bit overwhelmed with projects. First though, an update on the Holla Back Tank:

This week's goal was to get to just before the armhole decreases. I blazed through this with no problems and I'm ready for Week 6.

My Thursday night knitting group at MadTosh decided to start a KAL with the Vitamin D pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier. Earlier this week I posted about my debate between three colors of Gynx Sock to use, and I finally settled on Ino.

I normally don't cast on projects when in a group setting, but I did last night. I got through the first fourteen rows when I realized I had completely messed up the sixth row, and had to rip back. After spending a while ripping back, it occurred to me that it would have been much faster to just start completely over. Sigh.

This week's lesson: Don't cast on sweaters when you're surrounded by distractions.

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