Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gynx Yarns Picks: Spectra

You might remember that I cast on Stephen West's Spectra a little bit ago and posted this photo:

 (I've done a lot more since then. I have 21 or 22 wedges now.)

While I'm in love with my madelinetosh/Noro combination, I was looking through the many finished projects on Ravelry and started looking at other people's color combinations. A lot of people have knit this either with two solids, or a solid and a variegated instead of a gradient. It made me think about what I'd pick from the Gynx Yarns stash, and honestly, it makes me want to knit a whole new one once this is done with my yarn.

This first combination (Gunmetal Gray for the border and Gir for the interior wedges) is what I think I'll do if I knit this pattern again with my own yarn. The blues would really stand out from the medium gray border, but the light and medium grays would almost blend in. I think it would be a really interesting effect with some of the wedges really standing out and some places that seem to run in together.

 This (Catbus for border and Bamboo Forest for interior) would make a really great fall combination. I think it would work equally well with the colors reversed, depending on the desired look.

Going with the neon and neutrals trend that is so popular now, I'd pick these (Gunmetal Gray again for the border and Margarita on the Rocks for the interior) for a really fun pop of color. The medium gray makes the lime-green stand out even more.

Well, that's all for this time. Tomorrow, I'll be posting about my Ravellenic Games goals!

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