Friday, July 6, 2012

Gynx Yarns Picks: Aristida Shawl

I mentioned a few weeks ago when I reviewed the Knitscene Accessories 2012 magazine that the whole reason I bought it was for the Aristida Shawl by Alexandra Beck.

I have since cast this on with some recycled yarn that I dyed an emerald green, but there were some Gynx Yarns colorways that I really wanted to use for this.

The yarn I really wanted to use was Natsu, which is a really nice, very subtly-variegated deep red colorway. The original in the magazine is in a semi-solid, so the slight variations in this yarn would be absolutely gorgeous.

One of my newest colorways, Gunmetal Gray, is the closest to the original color, and the pattern looks amazing in that medium gray.

Random cuteness:

In one of the Ravelry groups I'm in (My Knitting Has Cat Hair in It), someone posted this link to a live feed of seven baby kittens. The past few days I've had it open in one of my tabs on my computer, and I check up on them from time to time. They are so adorable, although I do feel bad for the momma cat when she's ambushed for feeding times.

Tour de Fleece (Goal: spin at least 30 minutes a day):

Day 7 (July 6): 36 minutes

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  1. Random note: I just joined that same Ravelry group 2 days ago. Great minds think alike =)
    ~Amy (new to Sisters of the Wool knitting group; didn't know if you'd recognize my name)