Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Knitting in Texas.

I just got back from a run about half an hour ago. It was on this run that I realized that it is already hot this year. Well, I suppose at a measly 80-something degrees it's cool in comparison to what this state is capable of delivering, but it is definitely not knitwear weather.

There really isn't such a thing as knitwear for spring/summer (same thing) in Texas. I find myself collecting spring and summer issues of my favorite knitwear magazines because most of the patterns would work well for Texas's winter. Are there really places where I "summer cardigan" would even work?

There have been a few patterns that I've deemed worthy for both Texas's spring/summer and my taste. Not necessarily for wearing all day, but maybe one night if I'm going out and don't plan on being outside too long.

Last year's Knitty introduced the popular Make Up Your Mind Racerback. Even though it has to be layered over another tank, all of the eyelets make it a bit cooler.

Photo by Amanda Michael

Another pattern that I'm liking is Aphrodite by Berroco. 

 Source: Berroco

Cute, right? Well, I actually already knit this pattern up near the beginning of my knitting career (maybe 2006 or 2007). This was before I could look at a pattern and tell if it would fit me as well as it does the model. If you'll note the photo of me above, you can see I'm not shaped exactly like the model. Needless to say, the bust portion didn't fit well and was very unflattering.

Apologies for the photo quality. It was taken back when I finished this.
 I never even took a picture with me wearing this because I didn't like it. It sat in my closet for a few years, and then finally I decided to unravel it. A few weeks ago, I was looking at my projects page on Ravelry and saw this project. I started thinking about how I liked the pattern, and I found the yarn in my stash. I decided to knit it up again using the knowledge I have now to make it awesome.

So here are the mods I'm making:

1. Knit in the round because seaming isn't fun.

2. Knit the bottom portion on size 11s instead of 13s, and only yarn over once instead of twice for the dropped stitches so it won't be so open and snag as easily on things.

3. Knit the bottom portion longer.

4. Change up the bust portion by knitting for a few inches before splitting the front for the V-neck. I will probably also not knit the crossover section, and instead just make it a traditional V-neck.

5. Change the yarn for the top. As much as I love the yarn I originally used, with my modifications I won't have enough. Sadly, I don't know what yarn I used the first time, so I can't track it down to get more. I'm going to hopefully find something in my stash that will work well as a replacement.

I'm about to start the waist section on this top. I can't wait to get this finished, because it's just getting warmer over here and I'd like to wear it this year.

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