Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yarn Store Trip!

As I said yesterday, I needed some size US 6 dpns and couldn't find any in my needle stash. Whether I lost my set or never had a set is still a mystery. Regardless, yesterday I set out to acquire a new set.

I went to Joann's since it was close and I could use a 50% off coupon on my phone. I headed back to the needle section, and after waiting for what seemed like forever for the woman standing in my way to finally move, I searched for the set I needed.

I normally just buy the Clover bamboo needles, because that's normally all the craft stores have. Well, that, or the really cheap aluminum ones, but bleh. I looked and looked, and found every size from 3-13 except size 6. Determined, I decided to ask an employee if they could check the back to see if they had any more. I was told that Joann's does not keep any back stock of knitting needles, but if it's something they normally carry, they could order some for me and I'd be called when they came in.

Wait for needles? No thank you. I decided that I would suck it up and head over to my LYS, Jennings Street Yarns, and pay a bit more for needles so I could have them now.

I went up to the counter and asked the woman what my options were for what I needed. She pulled down two sets: a bamboo set and a set of square dpns by Kollage Yarns. I had heard of square knitting needles before but I'd never used them, and even though they were more than I really wanted to spend ($15.30), I chose them so that at the very least I could review them for the blog.

According to the packaging, the needles are "designed to be ergonomically suited to your hands, decreasing stress and strain for those who love to knit." I don't know about all of that quite yet as I've only used them for a couple of hours, but I do think they're pretty cool! I think I'll be able to give a decent review once I finish these two sleeves with them.

Oh, and you didn't think I made it out of the yarn store without buying yarn, did you? I got this pretty skein :)


  1. that yarn is gorgeous! let me know how you like knitting with square needles - I can't help but wonder if the corner edges would be uncomfortable to hold?

  2. I bought a set of those needles too!!! I love them =D I thought they would be strange to knit with, but they aren't. The only thing I do is twist the needles around if the lettering on them is rubbing on another one while I'm knitting. It bothers me for some reason lol!!

  3. I actually kind of like the cheap aluminum needles, but I always choose metal over wood! And that yarn looks rather yummy...

  4. That yarn is beautiful! I can't wait to hear more on what you think about those needles.
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!