Thursday, February 2, 2012

Organizing My Handspuns.

I was inspired by a recent episode of the Electric Sheep podcast to completely organize my stash. Organizing things and keeping them that way is not something I'm particularly good at, so I've been working on it a little each day when I'm tired of trying to put my new office/studio together.

Today I found myself trying to make sense of random handspun skeins that either I had made or someone else had made, and I found some things that I had completely forgotten about. I got my ball winder and swift out and put them to work.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with any of these. I have a much harder time deciding on projects for handspun yarn for some reason.

First, I'll show off the yarn that was spun by me:

I don't know the fiber content of this, and honestly, I don't even remember spinning it. I do remember that I bought the fiber from Butterfly Girl Designs at last year's DFW Fiber Fest and the colorway was called something like "Golden Harvest." 2 ply.

This was another purchase from Fiber Fest last year, this time from Stone and String Studio. This one is 100% Polwarth, and it's another 2 ply.

I bought this fiber at White Rock Weaving Center in Dallas. If I remember correctly, the tag just said 100% wool. I don't remember spinning this one either, but it must have been earlier in my spinning career as it doesn't look too beautiful. Single ply.

Funny story about this fiber though: I had this skeined up laying out somewhere for the longest time. One day Jose used a heat gun for something, and for whatever reason set the gun down on my fiber when he was done with it. Well, it was still quite hot, and a few moments later we both smelled burning hair. He burnt my handspun yarn in several places, and it had to be spliced together at maybe 10 different points. He's lucky I still married him after that.

Now, on to the yarn spun by other people (and therefore much better quality yarn):

I won this yarn from a blog giveaway. The yarn is from CompassioKnit (whose Etsy shop is not working for me today for whatever reason...) in the colorway "Fairy Godmother." The contents are wool, bamboo, cotton, and angelina. This is not normally my color, but I like it for some reason.

My friend Hope spun this yarn from one of my favorite fiber stores, SpunRightRound. She gave it to me in a recent fiber swap because she said she didn't know what to do with it. I am absolutely in love with it.

Finally, this is my most recent handspun to acquire. My friend Lindsay gave this merino to me at my wedding, which she spun for me. I carried it around and pet it at my wedding for a little while because I didn't want to put it down! It's gorgeous, right? Well wait, let's get a different view on this...

Bam! Color gradients! My weakness. Love love love.

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