Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gynx Yarns' First Employee.

I often describe my business as a one-woman operation, but I think it's time I finally introduced the one employee I have here at Gynx Yarns.

I never really wanted an employee. Right now, at least while Gynx Yarns is still only about a year old, I would really prefer to be in charge of everything myself. My employee kind of forced himself upon me. I turned him away several times, but he was very persistent about wanting to be a part of the company. He has a big passion for yarn, and I can tell he really loves what he does.

So, I gave him the title of Quality Control Director. Since he's been here, he has watched every yard of Gynx Yarn as it is reskeined and been on site for every yarn photoshoot. His dedication is impressive, although he's never actually given me any input. That must mean I'm doing a good job.

 Working hard.

You've actually seen the Quality Control Director on my blog before. His name is Augustus, and even though he's young (less than 2 years old) he has a better work ethic than some people 15 times his age. He's always on time, he works late, he's always dressed up (in a tux, no less), and he actually lives here with me so he can help me if I'm working during odd hours.

 Checking up on the photo shoot.

The only problem is his freeloader brother who lives with him. He doesn't do anything here, and actually tries to steal the yarn sometimes.

 This is not posed. He stole this skein this morning.


  1. LOL!!! The look on the orange kitty's face is killing me!!!!!

  2. Great pictures!! Beautiful cats!!