Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inspiration Photos: Cancun

Until yesterday morning, I hadn't knit in probably about a month. Life just kept getting away, so yesterday morning when Jose was still asleep, I finally pulled out some knitting and attempted to knit.

My cats weren't having it at all. They normally don't bother me while I'm knitting, but I guess they were so attention-starved this past week that they couldn't help themselves. After a lot of struggling, I think I managed to get four rows of my Featherweight Cardigan done before Jose woke up.

I also haven't dyed in a little while because of all the life-changing events packed into December and January, but being in Cancun really gave me the itch to get back to the dye. The vivid, bright colors (ocean) next to the very clean neutrals (sand) were very refreshing, especially at this time of year.

Here are a select few photos I took on my trip that I found particularly color-inspiring:


  1. Particularly looking forward to what comes from the no-message-in-the-bottle photo and the last photo. <3