Monday, November 7, 2011

FO: Lea's Birthday Socks.

These socks had a pretty tight deadline. I'm knitting socks for my sister, dad, and mom this year for their birthdays (Nov 4, Nov 18, and Dec 18 respectively) and I didn't have a lot of time to finish my sister's. I actually made my dad's first (which I won't post about until after his birthday) because I originally thought I wanted the yarn I used for my dad to be for my sister. I changed my mind very early on and made them man socks.

I had this other yarn in my stash from a couple of months ago when I went to Jennings Street Yarns in Fort Worth. My sister had requested rainbow or gray socks (what a contrast) and I decided that this yarn was kind of a more mature rainbow.

Okay, these socks were really hard to photograph, and it was really cloudy yesterday, so sorry in advance. There will also be photos with the dreaded flash :(

Friday was my sister's 19th birthday, but I didn't get to see her until Sunday to give her these. I was worried they might be a tiny bit small, but they fit her perfectly!

 I warned you about the flash, but at least you an actually see the colors!

Project Details:

Ravelry Project Page: Link
Pattern: Basic Ribbed Socks by Kate Atherley
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints (I found a website that called this color "Londonberry", although it's nowhere on the label)
Needles: 1.5 US - 2.5 mm

Thoughts on Pattern:

I enjoyed this pattern because of the 3x1 rib. A 1x1 or 2x2 can get so tedious having to switch back and forth between knit and purl stitches every one or two stitches, but 3x1 makes it a lot more bearable. I wasn't crazy about the heel and gusset, although it ended up working out. This project has actually inspired me to start a new pair of socks (for myself!) in a 3x1 rib but a heel, gusset, and toe I prefer.

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  1. I love the Star Toe. And I've only done flap heels, except on a pair of baby socks, I did a short row heel. I think I've yet to find my favorite heel.