Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cake Adventures and a Yarn Shop.

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend (who was my yearbook adviser/teacher back in high school) at my favorite restaurant: Spiral Diner. Spiral is 100% vegan and everything is so delicious! My favorite thing to order is a Spiral burger with a nut patty plus cheese with potato salad on the side. Yum!

Jose and I are getting the wedding/grooms cakes there, and because they don't do cake testings I snagged one of each flavor they offered today: red velvet, chocolate, and strawberry. I knew we didn't want chocolate or strawberry for the wedding, but it was an excuse to eat cake ;) I think I'm going to ask if they can make chai cupcakes, so if they do I'll have to special order a dozen so I can taste them pre-wedding.

After Spiral, my friend and I headed over to JenningStreet Yarns, which is only a few minutes away from Spiral. My friend is going to become a grandma in November and wanted to find some cool (i.e. not pastel and pink) yarn to make things for her future granddaughter. I didn't know what I wanted, but I had fun fondling every skein of yarn.

I had been to JenningStreet before, but it had been a couple of years so it was fun to re-explore. That is probably going to become my local yarn shop when Jose and I move in January (I don't have one now in Denton). I found this super soft yarn that I fell in love with, and even though it was in tiny skeins I decided that I didn't care how much it cost, I wanted one or two. I flipped it over to see the contents, and it had bison, cashmere, and I think silk. I flip it a bit more, and each of the tiny skeins was $52! I know I said I didn't care about the cost, but there is no way I could make something with just one skein. I "settled" for some Cascade Heritage Paints sock yarn in Londonberry. Yep, more sock yarn. That seems to be my go-to lately when I don't know what to make.

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