Saturday, August 6, 2011

25 Things Before 25.

I've seen several lists like this before and I'm sure you have too: "Things I Want To Do Before 30/50/I Die/Next Tuesday." I came across one yesterday on a blog that struck me as different though, as the list was made a few years ago. She had a link on the side of her blog to that particular post, which is how I came by it. She was actually updating it as she completed/accomplished each task.

I thought it was a great idea to actually make the list and keep up with it by updating it, instead of just writing a post to get lost in the archives. It gives the writer some accountability and makes it more interesting for the reader.

I was going to do a "30 Things Before 30" list, but that gives me 9 years, and I wanted a time frame that was a few years, but not too long that I'd put things off because I had so long. I decided that 25 was a good age, since I'm 21 now and that gives me almost 4 years. I also wanted to make sure that the tasks were things I was going to have to try to do, and not things that were already planned or for sure happening. For example, I want to get married by 25, but that's already scheduled for January.

I'm going to figure out how to make a little link on the side panel for this, and hopefully update as I accomplish things.

25 Things I Want To Do Before I'm 25

1. Run Gynx Yarns full time. Done January 2012
2. Buy a house.
3. Visit Europe (Italy again, Spain and London are my main picks)
4. Attend a Sock Summit.
5. Run in a race (I did the Warrior Dash once, but I've never done a road race).
6. Have some sort of garden, or at least some herbs that I don't kill off. I have herbs that are alive as of March 2012.
7. Get Gynx Yarns into a brick & mortar store.
8. Buy and learn to use a spinning wheel.
9. Get comfortable swimming (I can swim a little bit, but not very well).
10. Vend at a yarn/fiber event, such as DFW Fiber Fest. Done March 2012.
11. Laser hair removal.
12. Go to Portland - Eat a vegan donut at VooDoo Donuts.
13. Deadlift 200 lbs.
14. Knit a shawl. Done February 2012.
15. Design and self-publish a knitting pattern (I've designed plenty before, but never put out a pattern).
16. Start learning Spanish again and get okay at it. Aug 16, 2011 - Started Rosetta Stone
17. Get a pattern published in a magazine/on a website other than my own.
18. Teach a class.
19. Buy a nice camera. Done December 2011.
20. Go camping.
21. Buy a starfruit and figure out what to do with it. Done! 8.26.11
22. Join a fiber/yarn of the month club.
23. Go rock climbing outdoors.
24. Learn to appreciate wine.
25. Hike on a mountain.

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  1. For number 21, I suggest eating it. I hear there are a lot of cool molecular gastronomy things to do with those as well. As for the rest, I share a few with you. And I always suggest to people talking about appreciating alcohol to try native, artisan, and super expensive brands.