Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crafts and Harry Potter.

The eighth and final Harry Potter movie comes out this week, and if you're a nerd like me, you can't wait to go to the midnight premiere on Thursday. If you're a knitter like me, you're probably also excited to see the knitwear in this last installment.

Knitting has always been a part of Harry Potter, from the annual Christmas sweaters from Mrs. Weasley to enchanted knitting needles that knit on their own. Dumbledore even admitted to enjoying reading knitting patterns. The movies always have some drool-worthy knitwear, whether it is their school sweater, a hat or cardigan. In fact, there are several groups dedicated to all things Harry, and even some threads solely for the purpose of admiring the knitwear and trying to come up with patterns to replicate them.

I, for one, am guilty of a couple Potter-related crafts. I was never really a fan of the knits that screamed Harry Potter like a knitted snitch or anything like that. I mostly liked the knits because of the knits themselves, not because it had to do with Harry Potter. My first was this sweater (the pattern is not online anymore, but here is the Ravelry page for it: link).

I used almost all recycled wool that I attempted to dye while in high school when I knew nothing about dyeing. I used Rit dye and my dark gray came out purple-gray. It's kind of funny know that I know how to dye. I also took it in with my sewing machine after it was done, because boxy sweaters are not flattering on me (although, are they on anyone?)

My only other "Potter-craft" was these Go Gryffindor socks.

As you can see, the colors aren't quite right, but I was okay with that. I also changed some bits of the pattern. These socks actually are not able to be worn anymore, as I wore a couple holes in the toe. I might go back and try to repair them one day.

With the premiere being this week and in the summer, you probably don't have the time/desire to try to knit anything to wear, but perhaps the movie will inspire you to make some Potter-inspired winter gear. Here are a few of my favorite patterns inspired by pieces in the movies that I've found that I haven't gotten around to yet:

Hermoine's Cable and Eyelet Hat
Lovegood Cardigan
Deathly Hallows Graveyard Beret
Of Hallows and Horcruxes Cardigan

Even if you aren't a fan of Harry Potter, these patterns are still worth looking at. You could even change the colors so that even the most die-hard Harry Potter knitting fan might not notice that it's Potter-inspired.

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